As used in this article:

Building line means a line parallel or approximately parallel to the street line and beyond which, buildings or fences may not be erected.

Corner lot means any residential property located at the intersection or confluence of two or more streets such that public street rights-of-way are directly adjacent to at least two contiguous sides of the lot.

Driveway means the primary improved or unimproved parking surface which provides egress and ingress from a garage, carport or off-street parking area to an adjacent street or alley.

Front yard means the area from the front face of a residential structure to the front property line or street right-of-way line or, when a structure does not exist, the area from the front building line to the front property line or street right-of-way.  A corner lot shall be deemed to have two front yards.

Improved parking surface means an area used for the parking or storage of vehicles that is overlaid or otherwise paved with concrete, asphalt, paving stones or other hard surfaced all-weather material in such depth as to prevent rutting in the wettest conditions and which is approved by the building inspector. Grass, dirt, soil or wood chips will not qualify as improved parking surfaces.

Rear yard means the area from the rear face of the residential structure to the rear property line.

Vehicle means every automobile, motor vehicle, trailer or any other device, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway except electric personal assistive mobility devices or devices moved by human power.

(Ord. 1495)

It shall be unlawful for any person to park, cause, permit or allow the parking or storage of any vehicle upon the front yard of any real estate used primarily for residential purposes at any location other than an improved parking surface, which improved parking surface shall be accessed by a driveway.

(Ord. 1495)

No driveway or improved parking surface shall cover more than forty percent of a front yard.

(Ord. 1495)

These provisions shall not apply to the temporary parking of emergency motor vehicles, delivery vehicles and motor vehicles of public and private utilities.

(Ord. 1495)

Violation of this article shall be punishable by a fine of no less than one-hundred dollars ($100) nor more than five-hundred dollars ($500) per violation.

(Ord. 1495)