The sale of fireworks within the city limits shall be subject to the rules and regulations promulgated by the governing body of the city. The rules and regulations may be established by resolution of the governing body. The city clerk shall maintain a complete copy of all rules and regulations established by the governing body.

(Ord. 1106, Sec. 1; Code 1985, 5-1001)

The sale of fireworks shall be prohibited in any zone designated as a fire zone. The city clerk shall maintain a list of all fire zones.

(Ord. 1106, Sec. 1; Code 1985, 5-1002)

It shall be unlawful for any person, or persons, firm, corporation, or other business entity, association, or organization of any kind, whether for profit or otherwise, including all paid and/or volunteer employees, agents and workers, to engage in the business of selling or storing fireworks without first having obtained a license to do so. Any of the aforementioned desiring to engage in the occupation or business of the sale or storage of fireworks shall make application in writing to the city clerk for a license to engage in such activity. The license fee shall be $25.00 and the license period shall be for the period of time during which the sale of fireworks in the State of Kansas is lawful.

(Ord. 1106, Sec. 1; Code 1985, 5-1003; Code 2006; Code 2012)

Violation of any of the provisions of this article shall be grounds for the suspension or revocation of the license. Each day that any such violation shall occur shall be a new violation subject to the penalties hereinafter set forth.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this article may, in addition to the revocation of the license, be sentenced to pay a fine not to exceed $500.00.

(Ord. 1108, Sec. 1; Code 2006; Code 2012)