All buildings fronting on the public streets of the city shall be numbered in conformity with the following provisions:

(1)   Odd numbers shall be given to all buildings on the south and west sides of the streets and avenues, and even numbers to those on the north and east sides of the same. On streets running north and south, the numbering shall commence with number 101 for the first lot north of First Street on the west side of the street and with number 100 for the first lot north of First Street on the east side of the street. The next block northward shall begin with a multiple of 100. Lots south of First Street shall be numbered in like manner. Buildings on streets and avenues running east and west shall begin numbering from Main Street, buildings to the east of Main Street being numbered (for example) 101 East Tenth Street; or if to the west of Main Street (for example), 101 West Tenth Street. Each succeeding block eastward or westward from Main Street shall begin with the consecutive multiple of 100. The block shall be governed by the cross street, and each lot shall have a number. In cases of irregularly laid-out blocks, the numbering shall approach the system herein prescribed as near as possible. One number shall hereafter be assigned to each lot or space of 50 feet or less.

(Code 1962, 5-1001)

Numbers of duplexes or apartment houses of two units on the same lot may be given numbers ending with the figure “1/2” for one unit or apartment. In other multiple unit apartment or business buildings, each unit or apartment may be designated in numerical order, beginning with “1,” “10,” or “100” for the first floor, and “20” or “200” on the second floor, and so on for each additional floor; or such units may be designated in alphabetical order, beginning with “A,” the letter to be placed after the building or lot number.

(Code 1962, 5-1002)

All buildings facing streets, now or hereafter erected or relocated, shall be numbered as hereinbefore provided by the owner or occupant at his, her or their own expense. Such numbers (or letters) shall be of such kinds and materials as shall be approved by the city manager, and shall be not less than three inches high. All such numbers shall be placed on the front of the building, door, or post so as to be easily seen from the street. Building or lot numbers may be located in the parking adjacent to the curbing, but only in addition to the number required to be placed on any building.

(Code 1962, 5-1003)

The city clerk is authorized to prepare and maintain, in the office of city clerk, a master plat of the city, showing the system of numbering buildings herein established. At the time a permit shall be issued for the construction or relocation of any building, a number shall be assigned to the applicant in accordance with such master plan. All such numbers shall be placed on such buildings within 10 days after the same are occupied.

(Code 1962, 5-1004)

Any person who shall place, affix, remove, destroy, carry away, or in any manner deface or disfigure any building or lot number, placed or authorized by this article, except in conformity with the provisions thereof, shall be in violation of this article.

(Code 1962, 5-1005; Code 1985)

(a)   Any person, firm, corporation or organization of any kind who violates any provision of this article shall be subject to the general penalties specified in section 1-117 of this code.

(b)   Each and every 24-hour period after an official notice of a violation of this article has been given to person, firm, corporation or organization of any kind who or which is in violation of this article, and after a reasonable time as specified on the official notice has expired for correction of such violation, shall constitute a separate violation of this code.

(Code 1985)